“Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean, the secret to cleaner laundry skills passed down from generation to generation.”


Open from behind a soccer net. Framed by the goal we see a boy kicking a soccer ball into the back of a net as his little sister dives to stop it. Her brother scores and turns to his older brother to give him a high five in celebration. 

Cut to the interior of the house where the kid’s mother is folding clothes with an Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean sitting center frame. The mother hears her sons' jubilation. She knows them all to well. It’s time to even out the teams so she joins her daughter in the backyard game.

Cut back to the kids discussion about the unfair teams. The kids have been playing the mismatched game for some time since each kid is wearing a dirty soccer jersey. Their sister folds her arms and gives them a stink eye look and says, “No fair.” The boys react, “Que tienes?”

Cut to the mother walking toward the kids, "I'll play." The mother looks at her daughter with a smile acknowledging their teammate bond. From the middle of the yard, she begins dribbling toward the boy’s goal while her sons still think this will be an easy win. In a series of fast cuts, the mother puts the moves on the younger son who ends up on the ground dazed and confused. The older son realizing his mother has skills tries his best to defend his goal. Cut to a close up of the mother's face brimming with confidence. Cutting out to a wide shot the mother preforms one more fast move to juke her son and then passes the ball off to her daughter who in one touch scores a goal.

The mother and daughter celebrate giving each other knuckles. Amazed by his mother’s skills the oldest son asks, “Where did you learn to play like that?” The mother responds, “Mi madre.” The camera cuts to the kid’s grandmother who’s been watching the entire time. She’s smiling from ear to ear with pride for her daughter and granddaughter.

Cut to interior laundry room. Voice over and logo begin. 

“Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean, the secret to cleaner laundry skills passed down from generation to generation.”

In the middle of the frame is a bottle of Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean. In the background the mother is putting the kid’s dirty clothes from the game into the wash.



I’m really excited about this project. I grew up playing soccer and love the idea of a mother schooling her kids with her mad soccer skills. This story idea really lends itself to some great reactions from the kids, and will have an overall fun feel to it. Something you don’t normally associate with laundry.

I have kept the dialogue very simple. I think this will help keep things streamlined in creating the various versions of the thirty second commercial. I also think this will work well for a Facebook Ad since most viewers don't listen to the audio.

A key element in shooting this project is the framing. Since this video must be optimized for Facebook's 1:1 ratio, center framing is key. Instead of seeing this as a limitation we can play this up as a part of the style of the commercial. The main subjects must be center frame, and when cutting away to the product we do the same. We keep the Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean dead center. This technique keeps the audience’s eyes from moving around the frame. They can stay focused on the main content. So when fast cuts are made we don’t lose the audience’s attention. This technique was used in the filming of Mad Max (reference for camera technique only...not content!)

As for the look and mood of the commercial I think it’s essential to have a lot of light. I’d like to keep things bright and soft with some contrast. Please refer to the visual references to get a better sense of what I’m going for. I believe soft light will give the project a nice clean feel.

Thanks for taking time to consider my pitch!


Coal PSA - Director & Cinematographer

Non-profit Awareness - Director

Thirty Second TV Commercial for Non-profit - Director & Cinematographer