Pil Pak Request for Proposal

I wanted to thank you all for considering me as a director for Pil Pak video.

After talking to Lori Lynn in regards to the video needs, I took some time to break down what will be needed to communicate the story of Pil Pak. I met with my producer and we broke down an estimated cost. Of course there are a number of costs involved in any production. Locations, talent, crew, rental of equipment, music licensing, and post production (editing and color grading). The total number we came up with is $20,000. It will cover all of the elements I just listed above.

From the details I have so far, it looks like we need two actresses. One of the actresses needs to have spokes model experience since she will be talking to the camera and delivering the entire script. This combined talent would be in the cost range of $3,000. This will cover two days of production. We want to make sure we hire experienced professionals that can deliver lines well and not create wasted time on multiple takes.

To cut down costs, we will utilize a small crew.  I will be the cinematographer and director. We'll also need a producer, gaffer, grip, audio technician and production assistant for two days. This brings the crew costs to $9,000.

We plan to shoot at one location per day. A clinical setting for the doctor and a home for the client. There is a chance we will have to pay some sort of rental fee for locations. Typically we estimate $1,000 per location for costs. 

Rental of gear is essential to any production. We plan to rent a grip truck and we will also carry the appropriate insurance to cover liability and damages. We want to make sure we have enough lighting equipment to pull off a high key (bright and clean) look. This is a total of $2,250.

Mileage, food and accommodations for actors and crew is an estimated $1,400. 

Finally, post production costs cover editing, color grading and music licensing. This is an estimated $2,300.

Cost Savings

There maybe some places to cut some of these costs. The greatest potential is in location rentals. If we can find two locations that work through a network of local friends that would be generous with their space, we may be able to bring this cost down, but there's no guarantee. We will be using each location for a full 10 hours each day so it may reduce the possibility of using a friend's home. 

If we find local talent we can save on travel and hotel costs, but if we are to shoot in Evansville, it is very unlikely we'll find someone with enough experience as a spokes model. The role of the client may be cast locally since she will not have any lines.


As for the look and mood of the video I think it’s essential to have a lot of light. I’d like to keep things bright and soft with some contrast. Please refer to the visual references below to get a better sense of what I’m going for. I believe soft light will give the project a nice clean feel.


These images are just a reference for the look we are going for on screen. We want a lot of light and a very clean look.


As I tell all of my clients, production is scalable when it comes to budget. I've really tried my best to keep the costs as low as possible for the amount of work that is needed to create a quality video. The Proper Coffee commercial below is a great example of a video I directed within the $20,000 price range. It was shot over two days and we kept the crew size to a minimum.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thanks for considering me for this project.



Proper Coffee Commercial

Director's Reel