After spending some time reading through your website and talking to a few people that have worked with JDLA I have two ideas to run by you. First would be to create a video that shows you speaking live in front of an audience as a part of your consulting work. I believe this is a great strength you have and could help you sell to more clients, or at least make it easier to show clients what you have to offer.

The second idea is to create a video that tells the story of JDLA and why you all do what you do. I would really like to dig deep into the why. If we can find some sort of genuine emotion in that story it would help viewers stayed hooked into watching the entire story. Plus, if the emotion resonates with the audience you have a higher chance of engaging them on relational level, which could lead to future business opportunities.

Public Speaking

To give a bit more detail on the first idea of you speaking in front of a live audience I would encourage you to find three metaphors you use the most when addressing organizations. Stories stick with people. Stories that create emotions stick with peopl even longer. This is why I’d like to capture you using metaphors and share them with potential clients. It not only shows what you bring to the table, but it helps people understand what you do and the how.

The more concise we can make these the better. We want to highlight the best of your skills and do it in a quality way. Doing this in front of an audience brings authenticity to the forefront of what you do. It’s how you work and shows how you relate to people.

Seeing a high quality video of what you do helps potential clients experience what your skill set. It will be much easier to sell this service if people can experience it. I think of it as walking through a model home. A person shopping for a new home is much more likely to buy the model they walk through than any other floor plan offered because they got to tangibly experience the model rather than just see it on paper.

Public speaking Visuals

Visually I suggest finding a location that has a strong visual presence that can be light well and free of any audio distractions. I would use a three camera set up to capture your teaching to help create visual variety in the edit. Of course all of this is my responsibility.

Good light and audio are key in creating a quality video. Both of these elements speak in a sub-concise way to the viewer. It says, “Wow, this is amazing work.” I want the visuals and audio to match the quality of your content and not be a distraction. Content and strong visuals are a win win combination.

Brand Story

The brand story idea takes a bit more research on my part. I would meet with you and together we would work on the “why” of what JDLA does. Through developing the story we would also come up with the visual b-roll that would go with the story.

Here’s and example of a brand story I did for Redstitch a couple of years ago.

There are several different approaches to brand stories. The Redstich video is more interview based. You can also take a more scripted approach without interviews like this video I directed for Alliance Coal.


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