Healthy Communities

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telling an emotional story.

Focusing on the lives of youth and the quality of their lives is a great theme. I believe if we focus on the mission and vision of Healthy Communities Partnership we can tell a narrative that will engage the community of Evansville as well as businesses that can help support the Partnership financially. 

The reason I suggest a narrative style of story telling is because it creates an emotional response for the viewer. This type of response encourages the viewer to take action as opposed to an informational video. 

A narrative story often costs more; however, if cost is an issue, we can always do an interview style video. Interviews can be effective, but nothing tugs on heart strings more than a narrative story. I have examples of both styles posted below.


The Journey

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My initial idea for a story would focus on one child. We would see his life at home, interacting with a single parent, playing in his room alone, and having dinner with his mother. A real slice of life. I would keep the story as simple as possible visually, but make the visuals strong. 

The story would be narrated by the child's mother. She would talk about her love for her child and how she wants the best for him. A big part of taking care of her son is making sure he gets a good education and has a healthy lifestyle. This is something she didn't have growing up. She can talk about the struggle of finding healthy options in the neighborhood she lives in. She can also talk about how she's been proactive in encouraging her son and his friends to be active and play outside. She's encouraged her son to pursue his interest in boxing. We can see him training at the gym and being mentored by his instructor who also encourages a healthy diet. 

This is a just proposed idea I have in order to communicate the goal of Healthy Communities Partnership. I believe we could use the copywriter from the website, Jamie Pate, to help us shape a story. I have mentioned this to her in passing and she said she's willing to help. I'm happy to contribute as well.

Video Examples


Narrative Style

This is an example of a narrative video I directed last year. The content is obviously not relevant to the story I'm proposing, but it gives you an idea of the style I'm suggesting.

Interview Style

This is an example of an interview style video I directed last year. It's a more informative way to communicate and less emotional. Again, the content is not relevant, but it gives you an idea of the style.


I appreciate you all considering me for this project. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me. I look forward to you working with you all.


mobile: 812-499-4763