Zacuto Gratical X

FOR SALE: $1,000


This EVF is in excellent condition. It has seen very little use. It's an affordable way to get into owning a high end EVF. With the Zacuto Gratical X you can purchase the features you need instead of paying a higher price for the Gratical HD. The new price for the Gratical X is $1,650. I'm selling this one for $1,000 and it includes several purchased features already installed. PayPal is the preferred method of payment. 

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Features included

Scopes: Waveform, Vector Scope, Histogram

LUT's, Focus Assist, Frame Lines, HDMI Out, Color Bars, DSLR Scaling

Original box included

Comes with the original box, and accessories; LP-E6 battery and charger

Tutorial on how to add features visit here.


ARRI rosette

The Gratical X uses an ARRI rosette for mounting. There is also a 1/4 20 on the bottom as a second mounting option.

Preset buttons

You can assign specific features to these buttons saving you time by avoiding scrolling through the main menu.

USB Port of Firmware Updates

Zacuto is constantly improving their firmware to better the Gratical line.