Goals for 2017


PROPosed Goals for 2017

  • Land one $10,000 budgeted project before April 2017.
  • Do three passion projects over the year. This includes one spec commercial, one docushort, and one short film.
  • Land one $20,000 budgeted project before the end of 2017.

Goals to contribute to Wavelength

  • Produce work that is worthy of the Wavelength's brand no matter what the genre.
  • Bring $10,000 into the company through new client projects I create through relationships and networking. This includes Matthew's producing fees, rental of gear, and hiring Dave as DP when needed.
  • Continue social media and website updates.
  • Develop self promotion packet.
  • Improve reel in an effort to land bigger jobs.

Personal Goals

  • Improve as a storyteller. Telling stories that create emotion for the audience in commercial and personal work.
  • Improve as a DP. I do not plan to be a DP on every job I take, but I must be self sustaining so I can take smaller jobs that require me to do both. Practice a different lighting set up every two weeks.
  • To make enough money as a freelancer so my wife can work when she wants to work as opposed to working 50 hours a week. (Lindy working 20 hours a week in 2018)
  • Make enough money this year so my LLC can buy a vehicle.


I put relationships above business. What I mean by this is if there is ever any concern that I'm not meeting any of Dave or Matthew's expectations I want to know. And if this leads to me having to leave the company I completely understand. Being a part of Wavelength over the past year has pushed me and helped me grow as a director. I am very grateful for this and the oppertunities I've been given.

I would like to have a review in April and at the end of the year with Dave and Matthew much like we did last year. The feedback I would like to receive is am I contributing to Wavelength Films finically through quality of work. I believe an honest evaluation is fair to the company and myself. If for any reason I'm not living up to the Wavelength standard I understand I need to go out on my own. Personally, I never want to under serve my friends or the company I work for.