Bring Luxury Home

I’ve come up with three different video packages at varying prices. I’ll do my best to explain the differences and also give visual references.


A newlywed couple stands in a hotel hallway at the door of their luxurious honeymoon suite preparing to leave. Looking back into the room before turning off the light the wife says, "that was a nice bed." They glance at each other mischievously.


The next scene flashes back to a montage of the couple ransacking the room.

A fast paced playful score begins. The footage speed ramps quickly dollying into the couple having a pillow fight with eLuxury over stuffed pillows and quickly slows down to slow motion as the wife hits her husband in the face knocking him off the bed.

pillow fight.jpeg

The camera whip pans to the right and into the next scene as the husband playfully smacks a rolled up towel at his wife’s backside as she exits the bathroom in a white Terry cloth robe from eLuxury. She reacts with a jump and looks back at him with furrowed brows, but a playful smile. The camera whip pans again into the final scene of the montage.

We see a wide shot of the empty room completely ransacked missing sheets, mattress top, and pillows. The score slows down. It’s obvious the couple has robbed the room of all eLuxury products except for one pillow. The wife quickly enters the frame from the right, grabs the one lonely pillow still sitting on the bed and runs back out of frame.

In the next scene the music cuts out completely and we see the couple outside of the hotel packing their car with oversized luggage looking every which way to make sure they are not caught. The camera cuts to a door man watching the couple with great suspicion, but they drive off with no questions asked.

The next scene is a brief exterior of the couple dragging their numerous bags into their home to show they are at a new location.

Cut to an interior of the couple’s bedroom we see them unpacking their eLuxury products. The husband pulls a pillow out of a suitcase and throws it playfully at his wife. The wife pulls out the Terry cloth robe and holds it up with a smile.

In the final scene we see the couple laying in bed. The camera is looking straight down at them from the ceiling. The husband says, "This is a nice bed." The image of the couple blurs and the eLuxury logo appears with tagline: "Bring Luxury Home" (legally) 



I met with my producer and we broke down an estimated cost. Of course there are a number of costs involved in any production. Locations, talent, crew, rental of equipment, music licensing, and post production (editing and color grading). So I’ll start with the highest option and break down the costs. From there I’ll do my best to show how we can reduce costs if the initial budget is too high.

From the details I have so far, it looks like we need three actors. Two would be lead actors and one small role for the doorman. This combined talent would be in the cost range of $3,000. This will cover two days of production. We want to make sure we hire experienced professionals that can deliver lines well and not create wasted time on multiple takes.

To cut down costs, we will utilize a small crew. I will be the cinematographer and director. We'll also need a producer, gaffer, grip, audio technician and production assistant for two days. This brings the crew costs to $12,000.

We plan to shoot at one location per day. I believe finding a luxury hotel is the toughest and most expensive location. We will also need a a home that we can shoot a nice exterior and interior in. Typically we estimate $1,000 per location for costs. So this may be be $2,000, but if we can find a home that works for the look of the film we can save on budget. 

Rental of gear is essential to any production. We plan to rent a grip truck and we will also carry the appropriate insurance to cover liability and damages. We want to make sure we have enough lighting equipment to pull off a high key (bright and clean) look. This is a total of $3,250.

It will take several days to scout and cast. All this work is done by myself and my producer. Once we narrow down these two crucial elements I will conference call with you all and get your feedback on what your choices are. Essentially, we are putting in the time of travel, communication and research so your team doesn’t have to invest the time. This is an estimated $3,000.

Mileage, food and accommodations for actors and crew is an estimated $2,400. This amount will vary on where we decide to shoot. If everyone has to travel then costs go up significantly for cast and crew. We’ll do our best to find something in Evansville or Louisville.

Rental of grip and lighting equipment is really a ballpark at this point. What location we choose will effect how many and which lights we rent. I would guess $5,000 to be safe. This will allow us to rent a grip truck for transportation of gear and grip equipment.

Finally, post production costs cover editing, color grading and music licensing. This is an estimated $3,300. So the total, as it stands, is $33,950.

Cutting costs

As I mentioned in our meeting, production is scaleable. There are ways to cut costs. If we can find a hotel that will not charge us a location fee it would be awesome. The problem is we would be using one room and probably a second just to stage gear. Lighting equipment takes up a ton of space.

With a scaled back crew we cannot light as nicely and the image quality drops, but so do the savings. We could save $3,000 on the crew if we need to cut back on costs. We would also simplify the camera moves as well. No speed ramping or dolly shots.

Talent is another place you may be able to save money, but you get what you pay for. If you want an attractive and believable married couple that can pull off subtle comedy then you really don’t need to skimp. The doorman role could be a lesser actor or maybe even someone local to cut down on travel costs. This would save $1,000.

One other way to cuts cost is to shoot at one location only. The script could be written in a way that all the action takes place at the hotel only. This could be a huge cost saver. You could end the story at the couple stuffing their car with luggage and create some funny reactions between doorman and the couple as the punch line. This would save us at least $2,000 if we can shoot it all in one day, but that’s really pushing it and I would hesitate to push a crew that hard to get that many scenes in one day.

With these suggested cuts, the total would be $28,000.

To get this down to a $15,000 budget I would use local actors only and find a location that is free. Locations are a huge part of any production and in a way are characters within the film. This could effect the overall look of the film, but that’s what happens when budgets get lower, and that’s fine. We would alter the script more, simplify the shots and lighting and really cut back the crew.


There are a lot of unseen elements in film production. With preproduction (the time leading up to the production days) there is location scouting, casting, collecting props, hiring and scheduling crew. All of these things are taken care of by my team. We will invest the time to bring the best elements to screen. Once we have narrowed down talent and locations, we will do a 30 minute conference call with your team and get your input on finalizing cast and locations.

Preproduction takes hours of research. We cast a lot of actors just to narrow it down to a few experienced actors that fit the role.

Preproduction takes hours of research. We cast a lot of actors just to narrow it down to a few experienced actors that fit the role.

A quality cast can make or break the authenticity of any story. These three actors were cast as a family of migrant workers for a recent short film I helped produce.

A quality cast can make or break the authenticity of any story. These three actors were cast as a family of migrant workers for a recent short film I helped produce.

We will also be sure to dial in the exact core message you want to convey. We’ll discuss creative and nail down key marketing messages.

From there we’ll draft a detailed script and story boards to showcase and visualize the spot completely. We’ll hop on another 30 minute call to ensure and discuss revisions so that you’re 100% happy with the foundation of this spot.

Finally, once we have moved into post production, we will provide a complete edit including score and color grade. We’ll be sure to meet and discuss any revisions. We want to you to be completely satisfied with your brand’s message.


These images are for the lighting reference only. We are going for a soft, clean, but bright lighting style.

These images are for the lighting reference only. We are going for a soft, clean, but bright lighting style.


As I tell all of my clients, production is scalable when it comes to budget. I've really tried my best to keep the costs as low as possible for the amount of work that is needed to create quality videos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for considering me for this project.

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