The primary purpose of this story is to show the revitalization of the Squaw Creek Dragline. This massive machine has a great history, and by investing in the Dragline we can see new life and purpose being brought about as the coal industry is on an upswing. In a nut shell the story is about new life and new hope.

Documenting the Dragline will create some really strong visuals. This is a big investment for Peabody Energy's Wild Boar Mine and a big deal to the surrounding communities that are impacted by the mine’s success. 

To humanize the story we want to follow one person that is involved in the project from start to finish. This could be a project manager or a construction worker. Whoever we chose it must be someone that will be on site working and interacting with others involved in the project.

This project will have a written script and include a voiceover. Taking a narrative approach helps focus the story and allows myself and the Peabody Marketing department to shape the story. This style of story telling also saves time and money.

The plan is to hire a voice over talent to deliver the lines. We will use the one employee mentioned above as the visual “actor,” but they will not be required to read the script or deliver lines. We will take a very documentary visual approach to filming the main character. 

We will address some of the logistics and stats of why Peabody Energy is investing in the Squaw Creek Dragline, but we want the story to show the why behind the revitalization. We want the story to have some feeling and not just be about facts. This is the primary reason we want to follow one mine employee through the process. Someone that is commited to the industry and can explain why coal is so vital as a responsible energy resource. 



Wavelength Films will provide a 3-4 minute story based video for Peabody Energy’s Wild Boar Mine. We are a fully insured production company with experience working on and near large equipment. A Certificate of Insurance will be provided to Peabody Energy prior to the start of any work.

We plan to work closely with the project manager to ensure that we are capturing key moments in documenting the project. With this project spanning 10-12 months, on-going communication between Wavelength and your project manager will be critical.

The total production price will be $28,920.00. This is an all-inclusive price that includes pre-production, multiple days of on-site production, hiring crew, renting gear, post production, color grading and final delivery.  

Deliverables include final uncompressed masters of final compilations, phone, tablet, web, and PC versions for internal and external use.  Delivery of the video will be within 4 weeks of the completion of filming.  



The visual journey of this story will follow a worker throughout the process of his or her experience of working on the Dragline. We'll see the worker getting up early in the morning and document their drive in to work. We'll use early morning light to set the mood and show how much time and energy is put into revitalizing the massive machine. 

We'll also document the current condition of the Dragline. We'll show it's poor condition and reference in the script to its production time spanning thirty years. This will be contrasted with documenting the finished revitalization for the Dragline. The emphasis of this being a new day for the Dragline.  We'll use a series of time-lapse videos showing the old transitioning to the new. One time-lapse will be inside the control room. As the camera tracks from left to right we'll see the control room transition from old to new. The second time-lapse will be an exterior wide angle shot of the Dragline in its entirety. The sun will rise and set on the old Dragline and then be followed by a sunrise with a completely new Dragline.

As the worker interacts with others onsite we can also document the progress of the Dragline being revitalized. We can film the lowering of the mast and boom. Any type of welding or reinforcement of steel work. We can also document the interior work. There are plenty of visuals to capture.

Through the script we want to convey that this is a new day for the Squaw Creek Dragline paralleled with the a brighter future for the coal industry.

The images below are examples of the visual look and feel we are going to use.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.20.41 PM.png

Example Work

Here's an example of a project I directed last year for a coal company. This will give you a sense of my story telling style as a director. This project is also a voice over narrative which is what I'm proposing we do for the Dragline story.


Scout Images



Thanks for considering me and Wavelength Films for this project. I think we have a great opportunity to tell a positive story as the coal industry takes advantage of new opportunities and hopefully has a very successful future.