Jones Chiropractic & Acupuncture Testimonials

I’ve come up with three different video packages at varying prices. I’ll do my best to explain the differences and also give visual references.

$3000 Project

This would include three different testimonials from clients. We would be sure to find people with a good camera presence and able to communicate clearly. This would be a one day shoot, and I would cover all of the work. I would set up a small space on site and light it well so to be sure the people we interview have a good look.

We would also create some b-roll of Dr. Jones working with the patient as well as consulting them.

This budget will also cover music licensing for each video.

Example of interview with b-roll

$5000 Project

This increased budget will allow me to hire a gaffer. This will improve the lighting quality of all of the above. This also allows for rental of better lights. My personal lighting package is small and has its limitations.

Having a gaffer also saves time on setups. With the extra time, I would also add a quick video of Dr. Jones giving a brief message to potential clients about the lesser known benefits of chiropractics and acupuncture.

I would also suggest doing the interviews at a different location. If we could find a home with a lot of window light and a clean look (see the image to the left as a reference) we could achieve a better look for the testimonies. We would still shoot b-roll of Dr. Jones at the clinic.

Here’s an example of an interview with b-roll video shot in a home. The lighting on the project was improved by the hiring of a gaffer.

Example of improved lighting and location

$7000 Project

This includes an added social media package of five 15 second ads that could be used on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I would use very short sound bites from the interviews with an additional voiceover to communicate very specific principles that Jones Chiropractic & Acupuncture has to offer.

Example of a fifteen second social media ad


As I tell all of my clients, production is scalable when it comes to budget. I've really tried my best to keep the costs as low as possible for the amount of work that is needed to create quality videos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thanks for considering me for this project.

director’s reel