Caldera Lab Editing Project - Simple Is Better


Looking through Caldera Lab's website I got a sense of The Good's story being simple and natural. The product only requires one application a day and the ingredients are found in nature. These two elements are key to what draws me into The Good as a quality product (I'm a middle aged man...I get it!) Plus, the packing design is tasteful and simple. It's worthy of display.


These social media ads need to reflect the simplicity of the product and its results. There is no need to go overboard by being flashy. As you can see in the sample edit I created as an Instagram Story, I used as little text as possible. The visuals go a long way in telling the story. I chose to combine video and stills from the existing assets to create some visual variety. I also added just a touch of sound design to create another level of interest.



I have worked as a filmmaker for the past fifteen years. Of course editing has been a big part of my experience as well as directing and cinematography. As a side note, I’ve actually been a cinematographer on three different Tongal projects.

I was drawn to this project because Caldera Lab provided some really strong visual content. Editing is crucial to refining any visual story and I think with my experience I can help communicate The Good’s message. Let’s do this!

relevant Work

Facebook Commercial


Instagram Feed Ad