Children’s Hospital of Georgia – Fundraising “Adventure Road” Video


Our story starts in an Augusta coffee shop. Our Adventurer is getting her morning coffee and notices a sandwich board with an inspirational quote as she exits the shop: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others. “ Charles Dickens

She snaps a pic of the board with her phone so she can look back at the quote as inspiration. Walking down the street a short distance she runs into a couple of kids selling lemonade to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. The Adventurer looks at the pic she just took as a reminder to do good for others. This, along with the enthusiasm of the kids, inspires her to take action. She’s introduced to Roary by the kids and the adventure begins.


After a montage of some iconic Augusta road side scenery, Roary and the Adventurer arrive at their first destination. It’s a family who has experienced the amazing care of the CHOG. Roary introduces the family to the Adventurer. Roary and the family go way back and they treat him like family. The kids especially love Roary. The family takes a seat in the back of the truck and the Adventurer asks them to share their story. As the Mother and Father share their story we see b-roll of the child playing in the truck with Roary.

After listening to the family’s emotionally impactful story, Roary and the Adventurer hug the family and say their goodbyes. Our team jumps back into the truck and heads to the Summer Camp. We see a short montage of the team’s travels. The truck breaks down and Roary tries hitchhiking as the Adventurer fixes the truck.

At the camp we hear how the Children’s Hospital of Georgia is helping to grow the future of kids. This interview contrasts the intimate micro story of the family and gives us a macro sense of scale to the Hospital’s reach.

As the team journeys to their final destination, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, they stop for ice cream. This creates a lighter moment and an opportunity for some comedy. The Adventurer is enjoying her ice cream as Roary just holds a cone and watches his ice cream melt. The Adventurer offers to take Roary’s cone, but Roary refuses to share.


After arriving at CHOG, Roary enters the Hospital building greeted by a swarm of adoring kids. He gives them high fives and hugs as he walks through. The Adventurer quickly pulls out her phone to take pics.

Roary introduces the Adventurer to the final interviewee. It’s a Physician that speaks to the specific types of care CHOG offers and why CHOG is so crucial to the future health of the region’s children. During the interview we see various b-roll shots of the hospital facility and kids being treated.

After the interview, the Adventurer thanks Roary for helping her see how important the CHOG is. They take a selfie together and share the pic via social media with the hashtag logo: #PowerGeorgiaKids


As we follow Roary and the Adventurer on this whimsical journey, it’s key to keep things simple. This includes the story and the production. One suggestion I would make for the interviews is to cut the number from five to three. This will allow us to dig deeper into some very emotional and uplifting stories of children’s lives that have been bettered thanks to the CHOG.

Shortening the number of interviews also helps with some of the production costs. It would take at least a half day to set up and shoot each interview. This will save us at least one day of production, which we are proposing to be five days at this point.

We will travel light with a five person crew. This includes myself, a DP, Gaffer, Grip, Production Assistant and Producer. With a smaller crew we can move faster and still get a good look on screen shaping natural light when necessary. We will also have plenty of lighting equipment on hand for the interior interviews when needed. I believe the producing role is key for keeping us on top of the logistics of travel and communication with client and agency.


I want to really keep the look and feel happy and bright. I plan to go for a soft, yet high key look. See the reference images below.



It’s an honor to be considered by Ten Adams as a potential director for this project. What draws me to this story more than anything is the good it will do for children. I’m a father of two beautiful girls and I, as most parents, will do anything to better their lives. Let’s do this!

relevant Work

Below is a project I shot and directed last year for the Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta for a fundraising campaign.