Todd: Redstich is a digital media company that does everything from front end web design to data driven marketing research. But the heart of what we do is help businesses grow.

Wes: Yeah, we believe every company has the potential to be great, and when you build a successful business you create the opportunity for positive change in your community.

Todd: Everyone knows when a business grows, no matter what size, there are more jobs created. And a very cool result of more jobs is the increase in charity. As people make money they are more willing to share their wealth in areas of need. And that's something we want to see happen more and more around our country and the world.

Wes: The best way to build a successful business is through strategic data driven marketing and sales. We've had clients blown away by the challenges we've set before them. We call it the "deer in the headlights" effect. Starting at the first conference call we ask, "how do you want to grow."

Todd: Most digital media are perceived as building websites, throwing in some key words for improved SEO and increase Facebook likes. We are much more than that, and that is what separates us from others. 

Wes: One of our core values as a company is, "Always be educating." Whether we're working with clients, coworkers or independently, we believe every day allows us countless opportunities to educate ourselves and learn from one another.

Todd: Yeah, we really treat our coworkers and clients as family, and family comes first. We want to work hard and have fun. It's our responsibility to encourage an open environment where employees are free to be creative.

Wes: We expect the best from ourselves for the benefit of our clients. If we don't believe we can create something exceptional together, we don't want to work with you.

Todd: We came up with the name Redstitch from our baseball days. Wes and I played on opposing teams in college, but started a freindship. Baseball was the first thing we shared in common, but we found we shared more interests in business as well.

Wes: So when we started a company base on our common goals to see businesses grow we thought back to the first thing that brought us together.  I think is represents how important relationships are to us. Our families, friends and clients.